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Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee

About Us

Who we are

As the organizing body of the Democratic Party for Mount Vernon, NY, the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee (MVDCC) is dedicated to electing Democrats at all levels of government. We play an integral role in recruiting and developing the Democratic leaders of tomorrow, and we’re committed to supporting and promoting Democratic values and ideals.

The MVDCC is composed of 152 members (also called District Leaders), two from each of the 76 city districts. Registered Democrats elect MVDCC members to two-year terms. The Town Committee meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of the month and meetings are open to all Democrats, though only members may vote. From its membership, the Town Committee elects a Chair, Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms.


“The future rewards those who press on. I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. I don't have time to complain. I'm going to press on.”

President Barack Obama

What we do

The SDCC recruits and nominates candidates for city, state and national office, supports election campaigns, and advocates for the Democratic Party platform and good sense in government policy and legislation.

Some of the activities we perform are:

  • Promoting the Democratic message
  • Recruiting qualified Democrats to run for office or serve on a Board or Commission
  • Registering new voters
  • Informing Democrats about current issues
  • Providing resources and support to endorsed candidates
  • Coordinating campaign efforts and get out the vote

Since 1965

At the Mount Vernon Democratic District Committee, we look toward the future while honoring our past.

Former Chairman Reginald A. Lafayette is one of the Democratic titans whose shoulder we stand on.

Mr. Lafayette was born and educated in Charleston, South Carolina before relocating to Mount Vernon in 1972. His involvement in the community began that year when he became a Democratic district leader. Mr. Lafayette stood out as a hard-working and passionate leader who dedicated his life to the Democratic cause. Among his many achievements he chaired the Westchester County Democratic Committee and became the Democratic Commissioner of the Westchester County Board of Elections in 1992. Reggie passed away too soon in 2022 and is dearly missed by his Democratic Family in the City of Mount Vernon. 

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