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Mount Vernon
Democratic City Committee

We are committed to ensuring that Mount Vernon has progressive, fair, and dedicated leadership at every level of government.

“In today’s social and political climate, it is evident that voting is one of
the most important responsibilities we have as U.S. citizens. The Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee completely understands and is fully dedicated to upholding our Democracy on every front. We are up to the challenge.

More than ever before, we need input from you – The Community.

The City Committee is committed to hearing your voice regarding any issue you deem important. Your views are essential to strengthening the support of our Local, County, State, and Federal Officials to fight for the betterment of Mount Vernon. Though we are only four square miles, we have a rich history of effective Democratic Leadership.
As your leader, I cannot impress upon you enough to involve yourself with this Website. It will not work without you. With your participation, we are on a new journey to even greater success.

Chair Mary L. Graves

Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee

Leadership Team

Mary L. Graves


George Brown

Vice Chair

Gary J. Pretlow

2nd Vice Chair

Tajian M. Nelson


John McGlynn

Sergeant at Arms

William H. Holmes


Michael Toone


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